Frequently asked questions

Trafford teas could be purchased on our website or at To ensure availability, we advise you to live chat on our website ahead as inventory varies day to day.

To achieve the best cup of Trafford Tea we recommend you to follow the brewing instructions on the back panel of each tea carton. These instructions are also found on the back of each individual Trafford tea envelope.

Trafford teas could be consumed either way cold or over ice. But to achieve desired results during digestion we recommend you to consume hot tea which may be prepared according to instructions given on the tea carton.
To prepare cold tea, brew according to instructions on the tea carton and allow it to cool at room temperature.
For iced tea follow the same brewing instructions on the tea carton but here you need to use 2 tea bags for every 8 oz of water. Steep for 3-4 minutes and allow to cool at room temperature. Now pour the cold tea into a glass over ice.
You may sweeten or add lemon according to your preference.

We strive to bring high-quality Ceylon Black Teas into the market with natural flavoring ingredients, at a competitive price.
Currently, our tea blends are not organic but, we anticipate introducing organic tea into our product range in the near future

Trafford tea is gluten-free. We firmly confirm this statement with all our Flavored Ceylon black tea products.

Our teas are vegan

We assure that Trafford tea is free from all the 14 major food allergens

All our teas are naturally flavored.

Our teas are not Kosher certified

All our Trafford tea products are derived from Ceylon black tea and flavored using natural flavoring ingredients and could be safely consumed by people of all ages, sick, pregnant, etc., and can be consumed as an anytime beverage next to the water without incurring any health hazards. Instead, drinking Ceylon black tea is beneficial if consumed on a regular basis due to its anti-oxidant properties which are useful to maintain a healthy immune system. Ceylon black tea had been consumed lavishly as a beverage in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)starting as early as 1868.

Trafford Ceylon tea has a caffeine content of approx. 28mg per 8 oz prepared tea. This content is much less than the caffeine in a cup of coffee, and as such, it is healthier to drink tea than to drink coffee. Tea when consumed is said to increase awareness and stimulation and provides a calming effect to your system.

Each tea bag is good for one brew

The potency of our Trafford teas is ensured by the packaging used to retain freshness, quality, flavor and aroma for a period upto 2 years. The manufactured and expiation dates are found on the bottom panel of carton.