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At Trafford Ceylon, our passion lies in connecting the world with the distinctive taste and unrivaled quality of Ceylon Tea. A beverage steeped in centuries of tradition, Ceylon Tea is treasured for its unique flavor, enticing aroma, and invigorating characteristics. Our mission is to amplify the appreciation of this exceptional tea, delivering only the finest to our valued customers.
Our quest for excellence is mirrored in the close-knit bonds we maintain with local tea estates. These relationships grant us access to the most outstanding and consistent tea harvests for our offerings. We take immense pride in collaborating with these estates, bolstering local farmers and their communities. In doing so, we are not just offering our customers the ultimate tea experience but also contributing to a sustainable future for these traditional tea-growing regions.
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Health Benefits of Ceylon Black Tea

Hailing from the highlands of Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, Ceylon Black Tea is globally celebrated for its exceptional quality. This tea’s journey starts with the careful hand-plucking of a bud and two leaves, then a meticulous transformation through withering, fermenting, and drying in our state-of-the-art facilities. The result? A tea that’s truly second to none.


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