About Us

Trafford Ceylon is a U.S. registered and based premium tea brand that exclusively imports and exports Ceylon teas globally in a variety of types, including black, green, white, herbal, and oolong, available both flavored and non-flavored, bulk, and packaged.
We are deeply committed to sharing the exceptional charm of Ceylon Tea with tea enthusiasts all over the world. Our dedication to quality ensures that our customers can indulge in the distinct and delectable flavors of these authentic teas. Ensuring global reach, we strive to embody the essence of Ceylon teas in every serving, inviting tea lovers to experience its unique allure.
We take pride in our unique and distinctive teas, bearing a flavor profile exclusive to our brand, which we directly source from local plantations in Sri Lanka. Our deep-rooted relationships with these local plantations, cultivated over many years, ensure we provide the most consistent, high-quality teas that form the core of every product we offer. Our teas, grown and hand-picked in high-elevation tea gardens above 4000 feet, boast a rich, full-bodied flavor and delicate aroma, a testament to our meticulous selection and dedication to quality.
All our teas are vegan, gluten-free, and ethically sourced. This is more than just a point of pride for us. As a U.S.-registered company, we adhere to stringent quality controls and regulations to ensure that we deliver nothing short of the healthiest, most delightful teas to our discerning customers.
Our unwavering commitment to excellence is manifested in every cup of tea we serve. We invite you to explore the timeless heritage of Ceylon Tea with us, and we hope you’ll find as much joy in savoring it as we do in sharing it with you. Join us in this journey of taste, aroma, and wellness.
Our mission
At Trafford Ceylon, our mission is to captivate tea lovers around the globe with the distinct charm and nuanced character of premium Ceylon Tea, meticulously grown and harvested in Sri Lanka’s verdant highlands. We honor the timeless tradition of tea-making by providing a unique, sensory journey that mirrors the rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty of the iconic island.
Our aim is to transport our customers to the serene tea estates of Ceylon with every brew, allowing them to taste our unwavering passion for this extraordinary beverage. Each sip of our tea is an embodiment of our dedication and a personal invitation to explore the captivating allure of Ceylon Tea, fostering an appreciation that transcends geographical boundaries and cultures. With our commitment to quality and authenticity, we strive to ensure that every Trafford Ceylon Tea experience brings joy, wellness, and a taste of the extraordinary Ceylon heritage to our discerning customers.
Our Values
 Trafford Ceylon is rooted in the belief that a perfect cup of tea goes beyond a simple beverage—it transforms into a nourishing experience that revitalizes the body, stirs the senses, and rejuvenates the soul. Our core values, steeped in this deeply-held conviction, manifest in each phase of our tea-making journey.
As custodians of Tradition and Authenticity, we faithfully adhere to the orthodox method of tea manufacturing. This meticulous approach enables us to capture the authentic essence of Ceylon Tea, delivering its true flavors with each cup we serve.
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Our orthodox process

When it comes to creating fine Ceylon Teas, we do not stray from tradition, and as such, Orthodox manufacturing techniques have been used in all Trafford Tea blends, which has many health benefits.

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